Mistakes on your New Orleans Sewerage and Water Board Bill?

Posted on: October 13, 2021
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You have the right to fight mistakes on your Sewerage and Water Board (SWB) bill.

How can I tell SWB if I think there is a mistake on my bill?

There are 4 ways to tell the Sewerage and Water Board (SWB) when you think there is a mistake on your bill.

1. You can call the Sewerage and Water Board to tell them about the mistake

The phone number is (504) 529-2837.

SWB Customer Service is open Monday through Friday from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm.

2. You can send an e-mail to SWB about the mistake on your bill

The website for SWB is  www.swbno.org.

Go to Customer Service.

Pick Email the Customer Service Department.

3. You can send a message by Fax to tell SWB about a mistake on your bill.

            The fax number for SWB is (504) 585-2455.

4. You can write to SWB by mail to tell them about the mistake on your bill.

Here is the mailing address for SWB.

Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans

Mail Resolving Department

625 St. Joseph Street

New Orleans, LA 70165

What happens after I tell SWB about the mistake on my bill?

Keep paying your SWB bill the amount you are usually billed.

That means your regular bill amount before the bill that had the mistake you are complaining about.

SWB should tell you that it has your complaint.

SWB should let you know that they are looking at your complaint to see if there is a mistake on your bill.

SWB will mark the bill you complained about  “under investigation.”

SWB should send you a letter every 30 days during its investigation.

SWB’s Bill Adjustment Department will do the things listed below.

Check your past 12 months of water use to see if it is in the normal range.

If water use does not look normal, SWB will tell the SWB Meter Reading Department to check the  meter where you live.

Here is what happens if SWB needs to check to make sure the meter is working correctly.

SWB’s Meter Reading Department will call you to set up appointment to inspect your meter.

You should be there when SWB comes to check the meter.

SWB’s meter checker should take down information about the meter and how it is working, and give this information to SWB for its review of your complaint about your bill.

What does SWB label as “normal” water and sewer use?

SWB looks at the  average of the 2 most recent actual meter readings before the change.

SWB will label any use above that average amount “excess” use.

What happens if investigation not finished by my next bill?

Your new bill will tell you if the investigation is still going on.

If the investigation is not finished, the amount due on your bill is only for that month’s usage and you should pay it.

You do not have to pay the disputed charges when you get your new bill.

Keep paying your regular monthly bills until the investigation is finished.

What happens during this investigation if I think my new monthly bill is still not correct?

Contact SWB to ask that these new charges be included in your open investigation.

Remember that  you must pay what you think the regular  month’s charges should be.

What happens when the investigation is done?

SWB will send you a letter when the investigation is over.

The letter may say there was a leak and that you must fix the leak.

The letter may say there was the kind of leak that SWB must fix.

The letter may say SWB cannot find a reason for the high bill.

Here is what happens if SWB says it is up to you to fix a leak.

SWB’s letter will tell you there was a leak on your property.

It is up to you to fix leaks on your property.

You should hire a licensed plumber to fix leaks.

Make sure the licensed plumber gives you a written report of all repairs done.

Keep this report.

Keep proof of what you paid for the repairs.

Write to SWB with proof of the repairs.

SWB will review and once a meter reading shows normal water usage, they will adjust your balance. For leaks that were above ground they will take off up to 50% of the extra billing, For below ground leaks they will take off up to 100% of the sewer and up to 50% of the water extra billing.

Here is what happens if SWB says it is SWB’s job to fix a leak it found.

SWB’s letter may say that there was the kind of leak that SWB must fix.

SWB will cancel the 100% of the sewer and water charges for a leak that SWB had to fix.

Remember that SWB will only cancel the above normal or “excess” billing from a leak that it was SWB’s job to fix.

Here is what happens if SWB cannot find a reason for the high bill.

SWB’s letter will say if it could not find what caused the high bill.

If no reason was found AND the bill was high for only one month, SWB will reduce your bill to your normal bill amount.

What happens if my monthly bills still are higher than normal usage?

Contact SWB immediately.

You should also get notice from SWB to check for leaks.

What if I don’t agree with the findings of the investigation?

If you disagree with the findings, you can ask for a hearing with SWB’s Administrative Hearing Officer.

Contact Customer Service at (504) 529-2837.

Learn more on the SWB site:


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