REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS: Promotional Photography and Videography


Southeast Louisiana Legal Services (SLLS) provides free legal assistance to indigent and other vulnerable people who cannot afford to hire a lawyer. We protect their livelihoods, health, housing, and families. Through legal representation, we can assure fairness for our clients as they navigate through the civil justice system. SLLS works to combat the inequities and disproportionate impacts faced by marginalized communities of color. We are the largest nonprofit civil legal services provider in Louisiana serving 50% of the state’s poverty population in twenty two parishes across southeast Louisiana.


SLLS seeks proposals for the creation of an organizational promotional video, promotional videography with client testimonials, a 30-second PSA video, and new commercial photography to enhance its outreach and community engagement efforts. All promotional materials should be visually appealing and engaging, and encourage clients, volunteers, donors, and the community to learn more about SLLS and its resources.


The organizational promotional video should be consistent with SLLS branding and:

  • Length: 3 minutes
  • Content: SLLS services, impact, client, staff, volunteer, and stakeholder testimonials
  • Target Audience: General public

The 30-second PSA video should be consistent with SLLS branding and:

  • Content: SLLS disaster legal services, referencing two-year Hurricane Ida Impact
  • Target Audience: Client Population

The organizational photographs should align with the website redesign and:

  • Content: Staff interaction with clients, community outreach events, on-site photos with disaster-impacted
    clients, volunteer interaction with clients and staff
  • Target Audience: General public

The organizational videography should be consistent with SLLS branding and:

  • Incorporate client testimonials from key clients in the Southeast Louisiana region.
  • Target Audience: General public


The ability to customize videos and images for sharing on social media and SEO


We would like to have new commercial photographs, an organizational promotional video, promotional videography with client stories, and a 30-second PSA video by March 2024.


Proposals should be submitted by December 23, 2023 to Lynette Martin at Proposals should include at minimum:

  • Description of the firm and a general overview of qualifications
  • Timeline and budget for completing the project

You can download the RFP here.