My Insurance Company Did Not Give Me Enough To Fix Hurricane Ida Damage to My Home. What Can I Do if I Don’t Want To Use a Lawyer?

Posted on: August 10, 2022
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The Louisiana Insurance Commission created a mediation program for claims of $50,000.00 or less.

Mediation is a way to work out a dispute without going to court.

Think about these things to decide whether to mediate your claim.

  • It is usually best to find a lawyer with experience with your kind of issue, if you can.
  • There are deadlines to file a court case. Using mediation does not give you more time to file a court case.
  • There are special penalties for insurance companies who do not act in good faith or use “fair dealing.” Often these special penalties can pay enough for a lawyer to take a case.
  • Using a lawyer who knows about insurance claims may get the insurance company to agree to pay more on your claim.
  • If your claim is smaller or has problems, it may hard for you to find a lawyer.
  • If you can’t find a lawyer to help you, something called “mediation” might help.
  • Not everyone can find or afford a lawyer.

Here are things to know about the Louisiana Insurance Commissioner’s Hurricane Ida mediation program:

  • Mediation means that there will be a neutral person who will hear from both you and the insurance company cand try to help the two of you come to an agreement.
  • Mediation under this program costs a flat fee of $600.00. The insurance company pays that fee, unless both parties otherwise agree.
  • Mediation only happens if both you and your insurance company agree to mediation.
  • The mediator will work with both sides to try to get everyone to agree on a result.
  • For the result to be final you and your insurer must reach an agreement in writing.
  • You are not required to agree to anything.
  • If you can’t work out the dispute, you can stop the mediation.
  • You can try other ways to work things out with your insurance company, including filing a lawsuit. You must file a lawsuit before any legal deadline.
  • The mediation offered by the Louisiana Insurance Commission ends December 31, 2022.

To start mediation you call or email one of these companies:

Mediation is not the right choice for everyone.

  • If you believe insurance should have paid more than $50,00.00, your case does not qualify for this mediation program.
  • If you really feel you will not be able to convince the insurance company to pay more on your claim, you may need to find a lawyer to consider taking other legal action.

** Southeast Louisiana Legal Services does not represent people for insurance claim disputes.

More questions? Go to the Louisiana Department of Insurance’s website:

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