Dealing with Mistakes on Your New Orleans Entergy Bill

Posted on: October 13, 2021
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You have a right to fight charges on your bill from Entergy that are wrong.


How do I tell Entergy if I think there’s a mistake on my bill?


Report the problem with your bill as soon  as you can.

Do not wait.

You could lose some of your rights if you wait too long to report a problem with your bill.

Contact Entergy’s Customer Service Department to report the problem with your bill.


Entergy Customer Service hours are Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

You can call Entergy at (800) 368-3749.

You can reach Entergy online at:


What happens after I tell Entergy about my billing problem?


Entergy will give you a reference number for your complaint.

An Entergy Customer Service Manager should review your complaint.

Entergy may fix the problem at that stage.

You may get a written decision from Entergy by certified mail.


What do I do if I disagree with Entergy’s decision?


Do not delay in taking your issue to the next level if you do not agree with Entergy’s written decision.

Do not miss the deadline to  challenge Entergy’s written decision.

You must fill out and file a form to make your formal complaint.

Get the form  from the  Utilities Regulatory Office of the New Orleans City Council.

The office is at  Room 6E07 of City Hall.

The phone number for the Utilities Regulatory Office is (504) 658-1110

Be careful when you fill out the form.

Be sure to include any other papers or other things you need for your complaint.

File your form and related materials by the deadline.

You can bring the form and any other related papers  in person to the Utilities Regulatory Office.

You can send in the form and related papers by fax.

The fax number for the Utilities Regulatory Office is (504) 658-1117.

Again, you must file your written form within 10 days of you getting Entergy’s written decision:

Your written form must include certain information or you may lose.

  • Ask to have an Administrative Hearing on your complaint!
  • Attach a copy of Entergy’s written decision.
  • Give your permission to have Entergy share information about your account with the Utilities Regulatory Office.
  • Give the details of your complaint. Include information about  any regulations Entergy did not follow.
  • Say how the problem could be fixed. Attach copies of any papers that relate to your complaint.


Entergy should get notice of your complaint within three (3) business days. .

Entergy gets 3 business days to reply.

A Complaint Officer will review your complaint.

The Complaint Officer will decide if your complaint gets  an Administrative Hearing.


I was given an Administrative Hearing, now what?


Different things can happen at the Administrative Hearing level,

The Complaint Officer for your complaint can offer  a settlement.

You and Entergy will have to agree to the settlement.

If you and Entergy do not work things out, the next step is a hearing.

You will get notice of the hearing.

The notice should tell you the date time and place of the hearing.

The hearing should happen in 20 to 30 days.

Hearings are  during regular business hours.

Regular business hours for hearings are between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Hearings  normally take up to 1½ hours.

If you do not show up for your hearing, you can lose.

Your complaint may be tossed out.


What happens after a hearing?


You will get a hearing decision in writing.

You should get the written decision within 15 calendar days after the hearing.

The decision will say what the Complaint Officer decided about the dispute.

The decision will say if the Complaint Officer found your rights were violated.

The decision will say if the Complaint Officer  found   that Entergy broke any regulations.

The decision will give reasons for the Complaint Officer’s findings.

The decision will say what can be done to fix the problem.

The decision will say if there was an agreement to fix the problem before or during the hearing.

The decision will spell out the terms of any agreement reached to fix the problem.  .

Sometimes problems are fixed by setting up a monthly payment plan.

The amount due under a payment plan would be on top of  your regular monthly bill.


What if I do not get an Administrative Hearing?


Some things can stop you from getting a hearing.

These things can include:

  • More than 90 days passed before you filed a complaint with Entergy.
  • You didn’t ask for an Administrative Hearing in your formal written complaint with the Utilities Regulatory Office.
  • Your dispute may not be the kind that gets an Administrative Hearing.

Disputes that do not get hearings can include:

  • Disputes about a voluntary deferred repayment plan with Entergy, or being refused  this kind of plan
  • Problems because you do not have money for your bill
  • Disputes about how energy rates are set
  • Disputes about unlawful use of Entergy services and/or damages to Entergy’s equipment
  • Disputes about unauthorized sale of services or any violation of laws
  • Disputes about Entergy’s right to collect for undercharged usage, unlawful usage, or damages
  • Disputes concerning your complaint about a high bill if Entergy tested your meter, found it to be accurate, or you refused to let Entergy test your meter
  • Disputed because your services were denied or cutoff due to a danger to public health or safety
  • Disputes over your security deposit
  • A claim for damages or loss because of something Entergy did is another kind of issue that does not get an Administrative Hearing.

Here is more information about utility complaints and appeals. Review the information at the link below carefully.

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