Protecting A Caring Worker From Losing Her Home

Posted on: June 28, 2019

PLEASE NOTE BEFORE READING: The names of the individuals portrayed in the following series were altered to protect our client’s identities. 

Beatrice works part-time as a food pantry clerk at a nonprofit organization. She lives by herself and devotes most of her time to community service, working to assure that vulnerable people in our community, including children and people who are homeless, have enough to eat. While she is passionate about her work, the income she receives from it leaves her with little financial flexibility. When Beatrice faced some unexpected expenses, she couldn’t afford to pay her bills.  Someone advised her to stop making payments on her second mortgage since her first mortgage was already current. 

Then she was served with a notice of foreclosure. She was terrified that she would lose her home and end up living on the street. 

Beatrice learned that to bring her second mortgage up-to-date, she would have to pay $1,400 in past due payments. On top of that, the mortgage lender demanded she pay $2,500 - nearly double her past-due payment amount - for their attorney’s legal fees. Beatrice could not afford to pay nearly $4000 on her income. Afraid of losing her home, Beatrice knew she needed to act quickly. Since she couldn’t afford to pay for an attorney, a friend recommended she call SLLS for help.

After Beatrice contacted SLLS, our Foreclosure Counselor called her mortgage lender to negotiate. The lender agreed to remove the legal fees. Beatrice only had to pay what she owed to save her home. In addition, our Foreclosure Counselor negotiated down Beatrice’s monthly payments so that she could afford to keep her home and save money for unexpected expenses in the future.

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