Volunteer Law Students

We have many volunteer opportunities for law students. If there is a specific opportunity or experience that you don’t see below, contact our Pro Bono Program at volunteer@slls.org or 504.529.1000 ext. 230.

Check out our employment page for employment opportunities. 

Law Student Spotlight

Jessica Sawyer

This past summer, Jessica volunteered as a law clerk at SLLS in New Orleans. During her clerkship, she explored different areas of law, including veterans benefits and family law. 

The most rewarding experience she had was when she interacted with a client who suffered from homelessness, extensive mental health issues, and a multitude of legal issues. From that, Jessica became more aware about the harsh realities that many of our clients face on a daily basis. 

"I found SLLS to be a rewarding experience and feel that access to justice is an important issue that we all need to be more aware of. " - Jessica

Law Student Opportunities by Office

Baton Rouge:

  • General Litigation Unit (Successions, Employment Law, Public Benefits, Consumer Law, Bankruptcies, Title Clearing, Power or Attorneys, Special Education, landlord/tenant disputes and more.)
  • Family Law Unit
  • "One Stop:" a Day shelter for homeless individuals where they can meet one of our attorneys, onsite; Additionally, they may also receive medical treatment, and other services at this location.
    • The volunteers at that site help interview clients, conduct legal research, write, and help obtain evidence needed in cases. The work at this location is primarily focused on Social Security disability benefits, Medicaid and Food Stamp issues.


  • Family Law Unit


  • General Practice (Family Law and Non- Domestic civil law matters)


  • General Litigation Unit


  • General Practice (Family Law and Non-Domestic civil law matters)

New Orleans:

  • Family Law Unit
  • Low-Income Tax Clinic Unit
  • Foreclosure
  • Housing (Landlord/Tenant issues)
  • Employment & Public Benefits Unit
  • Veterans Unit
  • Medical-Legal Partnership
  • Consumer Law Unit