The State of Louisiana is Ending Collection on Road Home Grants

Posted on: February 28, 2023

Did Road Home sue you?

Was the suit about an Elevation Grant?

Is the suit still active, or do you still owe money?

If the State of Louisiana, Office of Community Development (OCD) sued you after getting up to $30,000 from Road Home to elevate your home, there is important news.

On February 16, 2023, the State, OCD, and federal agency (HUD) announced that all lawsuits to return these funds would be dropped.  Soon you or your attorney should be notified by OCD about this news.

The State will stop all collection on these Road Home grants.  If a lien was placed on your property because of the suit, the State will release and remove it.

You will not get back any money you already paid.  But if you are on a monthly repayment plan, you can stop making payments now.

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