Technology Projects

SLLS is a leader in using technology to help close civil justice gaps. We create innovative solutions providing self-help resources and legal information so people can protect their rights.

SLLS administers to help people understand their legal rights in a number of areas, ranging from housing to employment to family, to consumer matters. The site also provides access to forms you can use if you are representing yourself in a court case and helpful videos. The site also provides referral information to a wide range of civil legal providers. Through a Legal Services Corporation Technology Initiative Grant, SLLS is revamping the site to better serve users. The new format will roll out in 2019. Click here now to access these materials.

Legal Education & Assistance Program (LEAP)

Working in partnership with the Louisiana Library Association, the Louisiana State Bar Association, and the Louisiana Supreme Court Library, SLLS has created and released free online legal forms hosted by LawHelp Interactive, along with “LibGuides”, information guides designed for public libraries. These automated forms and guides help people create basic court forms for small claims court, modification of child support, provisional custody by mandate, and some expungements. The LibGuides provide librarians with the information they need to help their patrons find the legal information and court forms they need. Anyone can find the LibGuides and related forms on

Flood Proof App

In 2016 through generous funding from local foundations, the ABA Center for Innovation, Stanford University, and other collaborative partners, we created the Flood Proof Program to help flooded homeowners rebuild their lives and homes. To enhance legal services, the Flood Proof App, compatible with Apple and Android devices, was also developed to help disaster survivors. It helps disaster survivors living in their property collect information and materials to remove legal barriers to recovery funds by untangling titles. To learn more, go to

Have an idea to increase access to justice through technology?

SLLS is always on the lookout for cutting-edge ways to use technology to increase access to justice. Contact us at